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Miami's new ballpark is too far over the top

I caught the game last night on MLB TV between the Yankees and the Marlins at Miami's brand new ballpark.

And all I can say is "Really?"

It was hard to watch the television for more than a few seconds at a time without sunglasses. The electric blue, nuclear green and sunshine yellow colors someone chose to decorate the interior of the new park are way, way too much to take.

I'm not sure how the decision process worked. But the outside of the building looks modern and clean. It fits well in the miami skyline. But the interior looks like it was finished with materials intended for the interior of an early 1990s speedboat.

And that's not even mentioning the monstrosity in centerfield that features jumping marlins and pink flamingo's flapping their wings to wave good-bye to Miami home run balls or the goofy fish tanks that make up the wall behind home plate.

I thought the focus of going to the ballgame was supposed to be watching the game itself. Gimicks and distractions might get people to the ballpark once. But it's the product on the field that makes loyal fans who are willing to spend their money to support a team. And the way that stadium is decked out is very distracting from what's going on between the white lines.