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Yahoo MLB rankings disrespect the Cardinals

The latest edition of the Yahoo Major League Baseball power rankings have been released as the game's teams try to get up to full steam.

Without much explanation, the Cardinals are dealt a shockingly disrespectful assessment: 16th place.


That puts them third in the National League Central behind the eighth ranked Brewers and the 13th ranked Reds and ninth in the National League. Shocking.

I guess the rankings assembles feel that the loss of Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa will be too much for the Redbirds to deal with. But the Brewers lost Prince Fielder and Cincinnati's closer, Ryan Madson, couldn't make it out of spring training before his arm fell off. Meanwhile the Cardinals added the best player of all three teams, inking Carlos Beltran to play in the outfield and take up a significant portion of the slack in the batting order. Also, while Chris Carpenter's status remains up in the air, the Birds brought back one of the best five or six pitchers in the Senior Circuit, Adam Wainwright.

I guess it's good in some ways to be the underdog. But I don't get why the Cardinals are thought of so poorly. They've got better defense and a better bullpen than the edition of the team that won the freaking World Series last year and their offense remains formidable.

The only remark about the ranking of the Cardinals was that La Russa is now working in the MLB Commissioner's Office. Umm... OK?

At the top of the charts, five American League teams:

1) Tampa

2) Anaheim

3) New York

4) Texas

5) Detroit