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Brewers fans boo Big Mac, cheer PED cheater Braun in introductions

Brewers fans lustily booed Mark McGwire in the pre-game introductions at Miller Park. But they greeted Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun like MacArthur returning to the Philipines.

I guess Milwaukee folks demand results -- like wiggling out of a performance enhancing drug suspension on a technicality that does nothing to explain the elevated levels of testosterone in Braun's system.

Any thoughts that the rivalry between the Cardinals and the Brew Crew would fade with the subtraction of Tony La Russa was dispelled in the first inning when Carlos Gomez tripled in the first run of the game and then showboated with an unnecessarily dramatic slide into third.

Mike Shannon noted on the KMOX that the Milwaukee fans seemed to think that the 2011 National League Championship Series was still in play. "Get over it folks," Shannon said. "You lost."