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Jon Jay, Skip Schumaker, Allen Craig and Matt Adams

It looks like Cardinals centerfielder Jon Jay may join first baseman Lance Berkman on the disabled list.

GM John Mozeliak said after Thursday's loss against the Reds that the team will know in 24-48 hours how badly the shoulder Jay injured trying to make a catch against the centerfield wall is injured. But it wasn't a good sign that he left the clubhouse with his arm in a sling.

Hopefully it's minor. And preliminary X-rays seemed to indicate that it was. But let's not forget that Rick Ankiel injured himself on a similar play and the injury lingered on for the rest of the season.

The Cardinals have made do without Allen Craig so far this season because he and Jay were supposed to essentially platoon -- and Jay has just picked up the slack to this point. So the loss of one man who was carrying the weight of two is going to hit especially hard.

Craig is on a rehab assignment at extended spring training. But that can go on for three weeks. So we don't yet know how imminent his return is going to be. The best thing that could happen is if Craig is able to come back soon and play in the field regularly. If that happens, it might be best to play him in Lance Berkman's vacated first base spot and then either one of the youngsters -- Erik Komatsu or Shane Reynolds -- could play center or else Carlos Beltran could go back to his old position in center and Matt Carpenter could play right field.

Skip Schumaker is going to be activated from the disabled list Friday. But I don't know if he is capable right now of playing centerfield every day.

During the Cardinals broadcast Thursday afternoon Rick Horton said St. Louis GM John Mozeliak told him slugging prospect Matt Adams, off to a torrid start in Class AAA Memphis with a .389 batting average, three homers and five doubles in 14 games "is ready." But the problem is that Adams isn't on the 40-man roster. And it's tough to imagine the Cardinals starting his free agent clock for a short term fix. Because, if they do, what are they going to do with a hotshot first baseman and Lance Berkman both competing for playing time?" Who do you sit, the guy making $12 million who is a leader of your team -- or the young kid who is losing valuable minor league at-bats to sit on a big league bench. When Adams is called up, he needs to be here to stay.