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Reports: Cubs will send Byrd to BoSox

Apparently there are no hard feelings between the Red Sox and the Cubs over the whole protracted Theo Epstein deal.

The Wee Bears apparently have agreed to do Boston a solid by shipping Marlon Byrd east to help the BoSox deal with a slew of outfield injuries that have left them shorthanded out in the pasture.

Or maybe this is Chicago sticking it to Boston again. After all, the 34-year-old Byrd is batting .070 with no home runs and two RBI over the first two weeks of the season. 

Byrd was signed by the Cubs prior to the 2010 season to a three-year contract that pays him $6.5 million this year.

The Cubs incredibly bad start is likely a blessing in disguise for Epstein and his crew on account of the fact that even unrealistic Wee Bears rooters have no expectations this year. So the overpriced and underproductive Byrd can be dealt for a prospect -- or cash savings -- with little or no backlash.

And Byrd probably doesn't mind hitting the bricks, either. Last year when a teammate was traded, he infamously shouted "Take me with you" during the players statement.