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Ringolsby: Angels free agent spending spree flawed from the start

There's an interesting piece floating around on the internet by veteran baseball writer Tracy Ringolsby in which he points out that Anaheim's plans to spend their way to success may have been fatally flawed from the start.

He points out not only the obvious, that the Angels seemed to have their priorities a little bit out of whack when they signed a first baseman and a starting pitcher when their strengths were their young slugging first baseman (Mark Trumbo) and their deep and talented starting rotation. It was their bullpen and outfield -- two things that were completely unaddressed -- are in tatters.

But he goes on to point out that the Angels are one of the most notorious shoot from the hip free agent spenders in the history of the baseball marketplace and this is the fourth time that Anaheim has gone bonkers with the payouts.

It's tough to imagine how the Halos are going to build a team around their core five players who will take up about half of their current payroll in 2014.

My blog platform for some reason can't handle links. So here's the address if you'd like to cut and paste it into your browser to read the whole story. And take a gander at the photo at the top of the article. Is it just me or does Albert look significantly smaller than last year?