Cheap Seats

What was Motte thinking?

I can understand that the Cardinals are going to lose a game here and there. 

But, after watching the replay of the ninth inning last night, I am still having a pretty tough time swallowing the fact that Jason Motte let Joe Mather beat him with an 85 MPH offering.

After walking two men earlier in the inning while messing around, Mather fired a pair of 98 MPH fastballs past Mather -- a guy who is notorious for having a long, looping swing, not to mention a .233 batting average and nine homers in his career. And then Motte inexplicably decided to get cute.

Blow him away, man. Motte could have yelled to him "Here comes the fastball!" and there wouldn't have been a thing that Mather could have done about it. Instead he threw a straight something or other -- I guess it was supposed to be a change-up, because if it was a slider, it sure didn't do a darn thing -- right over the center of the plate and let a Class AAAA hitter fight off a dribbler up the middle to lose a game.

Simply put, he gave Mather a chance when the former Cardinals farmhand had none.

Yeah, it's only April. But the games count the same. And this is the first one so far this season that the Birds might wish they had to do over again. If Mather would have hit a high 90s heater onto Waveland Avenue, I'd tip my hat to him. But to let a guy beat you on your third-best pitch really stinks.