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Cards medical staff continues to strike out

It looks like the situation with Jon Jay is worse than originally advertised.

The Cardinals now say that Jay suffered a separated shoulder in his collision with the centerfield wall last week. It was revealed Monday when the results of an MRI were returned after he was unable to hit in a batting cage over the weekend in Pittsburgh.

The Cardinals may have improved their bullpen and their offensive depth over the off-season. But it sure seems like they didn't do much to improve their medical staff.

So far the club has completely misdiagnosed the situation with ace Chris Carpenter who has gone from missing one or two starts in spring training to out the first couple of weeks of the season to being back sometime in May to "we don't know when he'll be back."

Skip Schumaker was called back early from an injury rehab assignment -- and then he hurt himself two pitches into his first game back and had to be removed and went back on the shelf for a couple of days.

Then the club rushed back Lance Berkman from a calf injury which caused him to aggravate the problem, and end up on the disabled list.

And now Jay went from being out a day or two to being ready to go and used as a pinch runner to being worse than originally thought. He's likely to go on the disabled list with the Birds already shorthanded on their bench. But if they have to put him on the DL, he's going to be eligible to come back later than he would have had the team not opted to use him as a pinch runner while he couldn't hit.

The term "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" seems to come into play here someplace. But the Cardinals continue to mess up their analysis of injuries and cause players to either hurt themselves worse or leave the club shorthanded while they wait for guys to mend on the bench.