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Addition of Pujols fails to push Anaheim attendance past Cards, Dodgers

Ever wonder how the Angels' plan to become the predominant southern California sports franchise and a national brand by spending a third of a billion dollars on two players is going so far?

Major League Baseball average home attendance through the first three weeks of the season:

1) Philadelphia Phillies 45,448

2) New York Yankees 42,120

3) St. Louis Cardinals 41,690

4) San Francisco Giants 41,443

5) Texas Rangers 40,270

6) Boston Red Sox 37,749

7) Chicago Cubs 37,162

8) Milwaukee Brewers 37,047

9) Los Angeles Dodgers 36,706

10) Anaheim Angels 34,833

Apparently the Reds' recent big spending hasn't impressed their fans enough to buy tickets, either. They're drawing nearly 2,500 less per game than the Pirates at this point.

Other National League Central teams:

14) Pittsburgh Pirates 29,581

20) Cincinnati Reds 27,141

25) Houston Astros 25,306