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Could Cardinals use Inge?

The Tigers released Brandon Inge after he got off to a terrible start. But the versatile soon to be 35 year old said he still wants to play ball and I wonder if he might be a player who could help the Cardinals.

It seems that Inge's days as a starter might be behind him. But he has played third base, second base, the outfield and he has been a catcher. He's also a righty bat which is something the St. Louis bench is a little short of.

The Redbirds already have some tough roster decisions coming up with Skip Schumaker already back from injury and Lance Berkman and Allen Craig set to come off the disabled list soon. So it's unclear exactly how he would fit in. But the Birds are shorthanded on the infield and, frankly, I have just always liked Inge because of his willingness to do whatever he's been asked to help his club.

Inge is a .230 career hitter and he has seemed to have trouble the last couple of years keeping his batting average above the Mendoza line. But he might benefit from a change of scenery -- especially one that lands him in the National League.

It wouldn't be much of a gamble to give Inge a chance since the Caridnals would only have to pay him a pro-rated portion of the major league minimum as he continues to collect the $6.5 million salary the Tigers agreed to pay him.

Besides, Inge fits in with the Birds' apparent strategy to sign as many players who wore the number 15 as possible. He wore that number since 2003 with Detroit. Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, Jon Jay and Rafael Furcal have all worn 15 either with St. Louis or before they arrived here.