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Could Tyler Greene be the odd man out?

I wonder if Tyler Greene's last chance with the Cardinals is about to expire.

Greene, who is hitting .200 with one home run and four RBIs in 15 appearances this season, was basically handed the starting job at second base in spring training but he fumbled it away to Daniel Descalso.

Then Descalso failed to consistently hit, so he lost the job to Skip Schumaker when he returned from the disabled list. The Cardinals had planned, when the re-signed Schumaker to a reduced contract over the winter, to return him to his role as an extra outfielder. It bothers me to see the backslide on that policy because, while Schumaker is a better hitter than Greene or Descalso at this particular time, he's just not a very good second baseman. Descalso and Greene both have MUCH more range and upside at the position.

Because of the potential of his glove -- and the pop in his bat -- I would hate to see the Cardinals discard Greene. But what can be expected of him if he doesn't play enough to get better? Manager Mike Matheny obviously wants to do whatever he can to win games now. So it's doubtful he's going to sit Schumaker and Decalso to expiriment with Greene.

The Cardinals suddenly have a glut of outfielders on the bench and would be very short up the middle without Greene. But Ryan Jackson is hitting .294 at Class AAA Memphis and is starting to seem like a viable option to play short in the big leagues in an emergency. Seemingly grooming him for a utility back-up sort of role, for the first time in his career this year the Cardinals have Jackson playing other positions besides short. He's tried his hand at both second and third base in Memphis.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Cardinals will have to make a tough decision to make today when Craig is activated and another in a few days when Lance Berkman is ready to come back.