Cheap Seats

Brad Penny, Scott Linebrink, Fernando Salas and Eduardo Sanchez

Former Cardinals pitcher Brad Penny has been released by his Japanese team and plans to return to the major leagues.

According to his agent, he has several offers to work as either a starter or reliever in the big leagues.

While the Birds obviously have no place for him in the rotation, I wonder if St. Louis might be interested in Penny as a reliever if the price was right.

Eduardo Sanchez continues to scuffle in the minors, Fernando Salas is a mess and Scott Linebrink appears to be nowhere close to a return to action. According to reports from a few days ago, Linebrink recently had a cortisone shot in his pitching shoulder and it had a bad reaction, completely locking up.

Linebrink was expected to be a "veteran presence" in the bullpen. Would the Cardinals look to Penny to fill that role? And, if they did, would Penny be willing to pitch for a reasonable price?

He was making about $4 million to pitch in Japan. While St. Louis had some interest in bringing him back last season, I doubt the front office would be interested enough to be the highest bidder.