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On This Date in Cardinals History: May 25, 1964

On this date 48 years ago the Cardinals broke ground on a new downtown multipurpose stadium that would serve as their home until 2006.

Busch Memorial Stadium -- later to be known as Busch Stadium II -- took two years to build and was a modern marvel when it was opened in 1966. Considered to be a "cookie cutter" stadium because of the round shape characteristic of sports venues built at the time, it was no carbon copy.

Busch Stadium had distinctive arches around the top ring that made it fit in with another St. Louis landmark being built on the riverfront at the same time. And the ballpark was refined and spruced up over the years to make it a second home for Redbirds rooters.

It's been gone for 6 1/3 seasons. But I still remember it like the back of my hand. I'm pretty sure that if I was blindfolded that I could have found my way from the Stan Musial statue outside to my seats (which now sit on the deck of my house.)

The new ballpark is nice. It's what fans have been taught that they are supposed to appreciate in baseball -- nostalgia. But I still miss the old place.