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Cardinals should give Allen Craig a shot at playing some third base

The Cardinals created a stir last week when news that Allen Craig was taking ground balls at second base spread.

But, if the Redbirds have any plans to move Craig from first base or the outfield corners, they ought to consider sending him to third base instead.

I'm not suggesting that the young slugger take David Freese's job. But it seems like they ought to be prepared if Freese can't do it for an extended period of time. The St. Louis third sacker and 2011 World Series is out of the lineup today because of a sore hand. That's a problem that has apparently lingered on for a while because Freese missed a couple of games in April after her lost his grip a couple times while trying to hit.

Craig was a third baseman in the minor leagues. He wasn't very good at it. But, then again, Matt Carpenter wasn't a very good infielder, either. And he's improved quite a bit over the last two years.

The important thing is finding a place for Craig's bat in the order. Matt Adams is hitting the ball well after being inserted at first base when Craig went down with injury. And the kid needs to play if the Cardinals expect him to be a big part of the future. 

First base will be further crowded when Lance Berkman returns from knee surgery after the All-Star Game. So it can only help Craig to have more options. But the Cardinals aren't very deep across the diamond where backups Daniel Descalso and Matt Carpenter don't offer a lot of power.

The Birds haven't received a lot of production so far at second base. But Craig can't cover enough ground to properly field that important defensive position. I'd rather let Descalso and Tyler Green play there and consider any offense they provide to be icing on the cake.