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Oswalt talking to Texas

According to CBS reports, the Rangers are actively talking with starting pitcher Roy Oswalt about a contract.

It seems Texas is the most likely place for Oswalt to land after he reportedly turned down low ball offers from the Cardinals, Red Sox and Dodgers already.

Oswalt, who has held out because there were no offers over the winter to his financial liking, has expressed a preference to pitch for either Texas or the Cardinals. But there has been little talk around the Redbirds about interest in the former ace lately.

Cardinals assistant GM Michael Girsch said last week that the team hadn't been active lately with Oswalt -- but that as far as he knew the former Astros and Phillies hurler wasn't close to signing with anyone else.

Oswalt threw for a number of teams in the last couple of week and the reports from scouts indicated that he looked "ok but not great."

I believe the Cardinals are satisfied that Chris Carpenter is progressing well enough to negate the need for outside pitching help. Besides, Lance Lynn has done a great job filling in Carpenter's spot in the rotation.