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Oswalt, Marquis and Komatsu

Apparently the suspense is finally over.

Roy Oswalt is expected to finally sign a contract -- with the Texas Rangers.

Reportedly, Oswalt will get $5 million in guaranteed money and could make another million bucks in incentives. The Cardinals supposedly offered Oswalt $5 million over the winter but he held out for more money.

There hasn't seemed to be much interest in Oswalt from the Redbirds lately as Lance Lynn has done a super job of filling in for injured starter Chris Carpenter.

Former St. Louis pitcher Jason Marquis, who was released last week by Minnesota, has signed with the Padres. Meanwhile it was reported Tuesday that former Cardinals outfielder Erik Komatsu, who was plucked by the Birds' off Washington's minor league roster in the Rule 5 draft, will return to the Nationals.

Komatsu was taken by the Twins when the Cardinals had to put him on waivers a few weeks ago. Minnesota put Komatsu through waivers and he was unclaimed. So, by rule, the Twins had to offer Komatsu back to his original club and Washington accepted him back.