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Shelby Miller unlikely to be promoted by Cardinals. Chris Carpenter readies to resume throwing

The Cardinals are apparently deciding between Class AAA pitchers Joe Kelly and Brandon Dickson -- But not top prospect Shelby Miller.

According to the Fox Sports Midwest game broadcast Thursday, the club doesn't feel Miller, who has struggled in Memphis with an ERA over 5.00 and 12 home runs surrendered in 57 innings, is ready for the majors just yet. So the team would prefer to keep his development on pace and use someone else to fill the temporary hole created by Jaime Garcia's stay on the disabled list.

On the bright side, Fox Sports reported that Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter is about a week away from resuming throwing activities and maybe a month to six weeks away from being ready to pitch in the majors. What a boost that would be to add an ace quality pitcher into the mix -- if Carpenter is capable of pitching like he has in the past.

While it's frustrating to see the Cardinals struggle now, this unlucky stretch of injuries can't last forever, can it? At some point, things have to even out. So, all things considered, being two games out with half the roster on the disabled list doesn't seem so bad.