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Cardinals near agreement with Michael Wacha (UPDATED)

According to CBS reports, Cardinals first round draft pick Michael Wacha will sign for $1.9 million, precisely the recommended slot bonus prescribed by Major League Baseball.


Michael Wacha, the Cardinals' first selection in the 2012 amateur draft, has indicated on his Twitter page that he is ready to sign a contract.

The right-handed college pitcher tweeted that he is flying "to St. Louis Wednesday for the physical." Typically, that's the last step in finalizing a contract.

Wacha was the 19th overall selection in the draft which comes along with a recommended signing bonus of $1.9 million. No details about how much he'll actually receive have been released yet.

The 6-foot-6, 200-pound Texan doesn't have a flashy fastball that might be expected of someone of his size. But, according to scouts, he's probably the most polished pitcher who was available in the recently completed draft.

Wacha is thought to be about two years away from pitching in the big leagues -- if all goes well. But he might get off to a slow start. Because he's piled up a good number of innings pitching for Texas A&M, I have heard that the Cardinals will take it easy on Wacha for the rest of 2012, potentially assigning him to a bullpen role at Advanced Class A Palm Beach.