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Cardinals from Coast to Coast

It's sure a lot easier to be a baseball fan in 2012 than it was 20 years ago.

When I was away at school at Southern Illinois University from 1988-1992 I used to sit in my apartment trying to hear Cardinals games only 100 miles or so away over KMOX on the radio. No matter how I manipulated my antenna, it was crackly and faded in and out.

Some nights, depending on the weather, I might not have been able to pick the game up at all. And if it did come through, I didn't dare move out of fear of upsetting the delicate balance of my antenna.

Tonight I drove across Georgia listening to the crystal clear sound of the Cardinals broadcast on my iPhone through the stereo in my car. 

I know that I am easily amused and it's not like I am the first person to discover this. But it's the first time I had to opportunity to try it out because, typically, if I am out of town the Cardinals are somehow involved. Anyway... I think that's pretty darn cool. Especially since if I wouldn't have been driving, I could have watched it on my phone's screen via

It's amazing what we can do these days. But I'm still waiting for my flying car.