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Former Cardinals reliever Chris Perez bad mouths Birds

Former Cardinals reliever Chris Perez, who caused a stir when the Indians were in town with his criticisms of the Redbirds' decision to keep Jason Motte while trading him to Cleveland a couple years back, is at it again.

He accused un-named veteran St. Louis pitchers of doctoring baseballs when he was with the club on a satellite radio show.

It's interesting that he waited to spill those beans until interleague play was over and he wouldn't have to face the people he accused.

I don't care what Perez's record is. The guy is a jerk and I'm glad the Cardinals got rid of him when they did. When he was in town a lot of people fawned over Perez and whined about what might have been if he was still in the St. Louis bullpen.

Did they forget how he whined in the press while he was here that manager Tony La Russa didn't just hand him the closer's job lock, stock and barrel?

At the time he was sent to Cleveland, Perez had a 4.18 ERA. And, frankly, that's pretty awful for a closer. That's almost an earned run allowed every other appearance. When you typically pitch only one inning and you come into the game with the bases empty at the start of the ninth inning, that's really not a very impressive success rate. Especially when you're often being asked to preserve a one or two-run lead.

So what, exactly, made Perez think that the team owed him the closer's job at that point?

I am so sick of players today who think they're entitled to everything without paying any dues first.

It's great that Perez has managed to turn into a pretty decent closer. But, as far as I am concerned, his me first attitude, loud mouth and inflated self image weren't worth it. There are a lot of players I regret the Cardinals trading away or otherwise losing over the years. But Chris Perez sure ain't one of them. So, have fun in Cleveland, big guy.