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Chris Carpenter hits a roadblock in his recovery

Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter has suffered a terribly disappointing setback in his recovery from shoulder problems.

Carpenter was supposed to throw in a second session Monday against live hitters. But he reported that his shoulder felt weak -- just like it did in spring training -- and he was unable to continue his recovery.

The Cardinals had planned to send the 2005 Cy Young Award winner out on a three or four appearance minor league rehab assignment if all had gone well with plans of bringing him back to the majors in a couple of weeks.

Now that's completely up in the air and there is no indication that Carpenter will be able to pitch at all this year -- or ever again -- at a competitive level.

While I hope this miraculously turns out to be a minor bump in the road, it seems fairly obvious that the Redbirds are going to have to pull out the stops and try to find a high quality starting pitcher on the trade market.