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Cardinals should check the waiver wire for relief

A few interesting bullpen names have shaken loose today.

The Athletics are trying to trade former closer Brian Fuentes, according to a CBS report. Meanwhile the Phillies have begun the process of releasing Chad Qualls and the White Sox are parting ways with Will Ohman

None of the hurlers is having a particularly good season. Fuentez has a 6.85 ERA and has lost his closer title. Qualls is 1-1 with a 4.60 ERA and Ohman, a lefty, has a 5.84 ERA. So they're all reclamation projects. But the Cardinals are desperate for relief help and they ought to at least kick the tires on guys who have established track records yet who are available for a pro-rated amount of the major league minimum salary.

The Redbirds are second in baseball in blown saves and really could use bullpen help across the board.

I don't know if Fuentes can resurrect his ability be a closer. But the Cardinals could use an effective one or two out lefty. Ohman could be a candidate for that sort of role, too. And both might benefit from a change of scenery out of the offensive tilted American League back to the Senior Circuit.

Fuentes got into a scrap with his manager earlier this season. And part of his problem might be the fact that he's been used extremely sparingly ever since. I don't know how effective a pitcher can be when he's on the mound three times a month...

Qualls has allowed too many hits. But he's kept the ball inside one of the most hitter-friendly ballparks in baseball. So it stands to reason that he has a chance to still be effective.

Remember, last season Arthur Rhodes has some pretty nasty numbers when the Cardinals picked him off the Rangers scrap heap and turned him into a serviceable reliever.

I'm not sure if any or all of these guys are the answer to St. Louis' bullpen woes. But it's time to start trying some new things because what's happening in the bullpen now just isn't working.