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Chris Carpenter can't throw again Monday

Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter on Monday was again unable to go through with a planned throwing session and the team said it plans to make an announcement Tuesday about the situation.

Brace yourself. It's probably going to be bad news. The only question is how bad.

It's entirely possible that Carpenter might announce he's going to have surgery to try to repair the nerve problem that has left him with a weak pitching shoulder. And, if that's the case, he's almost certainly done for at least the rest of this season. He could also miss much of next year.

But that's panning out to be the best case scenario, barring some sort of miracle.

I fear that a guy Carpenter's age with as many miles as he's got on the clock might figure it's time to call it a career.

The condition from which Carp suffers is no joke and could cause him serious problems using his arm in the future if he continues to ignore his body's warnings that something is amiss.

I hope I'm over-thinking this because Carpenter is one of my all-time favorite Cardinals and I would love to see him add about 30 more wins onto his current totals.

But, if this is the last round-up for the big guy, what a finale it was.

Carpenter used up his pitching shoulder carrying the Cardinals to the most improbable World Series win in history. He pitched one of the greatest deciding games of a series in history when he battled head to head with Roy Halladay during the NL Division Series in Philadelphia and he gutted out one of the grittiest starts in World Series history in game seven, pitching St. Louis to victory on three days rest when he obviously was on fumes.

I can't imagine the news Tuesday could be any better than Carp shutting it down for the season. I just hope they find a way to patch him together for one more season in red in 2013.