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Fox Sports Midwest offers ultimate fan companion

In a world where sports fans can't get enough information, Fox Sports Midwest has launched what it touts as the ultimate fan's companion.

The Cardinals Game Connect is available through the website. Once you're linking in you'll find a dashboard that features about every statistic about the game you could ever want to know -- as well as a place where you can read Tweets about the game from both Cardinals fans and the opposition's rooters and a spot to ask FSM's broadcasters a question.

Basically the platform is supposed to enhance the viewer's ballgame watching experience. It's meant for the home viewer. But if the Cardinals could improve the wifi and/or cellular data capabilities at the stadium, it would be an awesome tool to use at the park, too.

You could essentially have all the extra information that you get from watching the game on tv -- and then some -- while sitting in the stands. It worked on my iphone and ipad while sitting at the game Monday night. But the Twitter feed function worked very slowly because of the internet weakness at the site.

I look forward to trying the Game connect tonight from home. It seems like a great way to connect with other Cardinals fans during the game while sitting in your own home.

FSN spokesman Geoff Goldman said the product is available now but it hasn't been promoted heavily as it is tweaked. It is going to be launched in earnest after the All-Star Game.