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David Freese added to the NL All-Star Game roster

Congratulations to Cardinals third baseman David Freese who was named Friday as the winner of the vote to fill the last roster spot on the National League All-Star team.

Freese out-polled his competition after sentimental favorite Chipper Jones was added to the roster by manager Tony La Russa in place of Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp who dropped out because of an injury.

I'm glad that Freese will get the chance to play in the All-Star Game. But I still think that Jones should have been added to a ceremonial legacy roster spot. He's a great player and he deserves to be recognized. But Jones has played in a little more than half of his team's games so far this season.

With all the odd "innovations" that MLB has added to the All-Star Game over the years, why can't they allow managers to have one retiring star on the team who is allowed to take one at-bat during the game?

When an outfielder was lost from the NL roster, there is no excuse for the fact that the replacement isn't Matt Holliday who is eighth in the National League in hitting with a .317 batting average. He's fourth in the Senior Circuit with 55 runs scored and seventh in hits and RBIs.

Jay Bruce, outfielder for the ironically whiny Cincinnati Reds, is on the roster. He's tied with Holliday in RBIs but isn't in the same league with a .256 batting average and a .331 on base percentage compared to Holliday's .399 mark. So I fail to see what Reds manager Dusty baker is carrying on about, claiming that his players were snubbed by his old enemy Tony La Russa.