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Former Cardinals reliever Romero is back on the street

Former Cardinals reliever J.C. Romero is available once again.

The lefty bullpenner was granted his request by the Orioles organization after the club, which signed him after the Redbirds let him go, declined to bring Romero back up to the major leagues.

While there is a lot of pitching available on the free agent market, there isn't a lot of GOOD pitching to be had these days. Romero joins the ranks of Will Ohman, Brad Lidge and Brian Fuentes -- all formerly effective relievers who have fallen on hard times and recently been released.

It's interesting that the Cardinals have been infamous dumpster divers over the last several years, picking up has beens and never will be's in hopes of finding lightning in a bottle. But so far this season the club has resisted the urge to sign street free agents. Instead, it's called up a slew of minor leaguers while (hopefully) combing the trade market for quality assistance.

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