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Cardinals' McClellan out for season with torn labrum

If you've been hoping that Kyle McClellan will come back from an elbow injury to shore up the tattered Cardinals bullpen, you might want to find something else to wish for.

The club has announced that McClellan is out for the rest of the season because he had surgery on his pitching shoulder. That's right, not the previously problematic elbow. But his shoulder. Maybe they'll find something wrong with his wrist before he recovers and they can get the trifecta.

Apparently, McClellan tore his labrum while throwing in the bullpen earlier this month.

Even before this latest Josh Kinneyesque setback, I think it was looking doubtful the Redbirds would bring back McClellan for 2013. He's been a loyal soldier, pitcher wherever he was needed whenever he was needed there. But McClellan's contract was getting pretty steep for a middle reliever. And now it's prohibitively steep for an injury-riddled middle reliever.