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Oquendo had to stop Freese

I'm surprised by the amount of complaints I'm hearing this morning about Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo stopping David Freese at third base Tuesday night.

First, let me say that while watching the game, I said out loud "he isn't going to be able to score on that" when Yadier Molina singled right to a Milwaukee outfielder with Freese on second base.

But even if Oquendo thought that Freese had an 80 percent chance of scoring, it would have been the wrong baseball decision to send a runner to a play at the plate with no outs.

If Frieze was out, the St. Louis rally was in big trouble with the slowest runner at first base and one out. By keeping the runner at third, Oquendo put the Birds in a situation where it would take a monumental amount of ineptitude not to at least tie a 3-2 game.

With the slow footed Molina at first, a double play was a real possibility. If Freese gets nailed at the plate, a twin killing would end the game. If the Cardinals had runners on first and third with no outs, a double play at least ties the contest.

By holding the runner, the Cardinals also had a better chance to win the game. If Schumaker would have singled, it would have tied the game and put the tying run on second base -- at least -- with no outs. The Redbirds would have had enough outs left in the bag to bunt the runner to third and try to sacrifice him home.

I could go on and on with millions of reasons why Oquendo did the right thing. He's not to blame. It's the incredibly poor Cardinals hitting with runners in scoring position that is to blame.

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