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Chris Carpenter's season shouldn't have been lost

I'm glad to hear that Chris Carpenter's surgery to reliever pressure on nerves in his throwing arm went well.

And it's really good news to hear that he's expected to make a complete recovery in two or three months.

But it's also very frustrating to hear that the problem that cost the St. Louis ace his entire 2012 season was cured so simply while knowing that the team wasted nearly five months between the time Carp's problem was discovered and the time when it was finally solved.

If Carpenter would have had the surgery April 1, he presumably would have been healed sometime between the end of May and the end of June. If it took him a month to get into pitching shape, he should have been ready to go no later than the end of July.

I can't help but imagine how much it would benefit the Cardinals not to have to try to make a trade to bolster their starting rotation and bullpen. The Birds would add a front of the rotation type starter without giving up any prospects. And that would allow the club to move Lance Lynn or Joe Kelly to the bullpen -- and potentially both of them could go there if Jaime Garcia is able to return to the rotation at some point.

Then the team could focus on trying to figure out what's wrong with the offense.

It's very frustrating how the Cardinals medical staff seems to take a cross their fingers and hope things get better approach to injuries.

What a shame that Carpenter, who has missed so much time to injuries over his career, will miss an entire season as his window of opportunity to pitch at a high level is starting to close.