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Rosenthal: Cardinals looking hard for a starter

The Cardinals are "monitoring every starting pitcher on the market" according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

But the Redbirds aren't thought to be serious suitors for Chicago's Ryan Dempster -- or presumably guys like Cole Hamels or Zack Greinke -- because they're more interested in a guy they could hang onto for a couple of years as opposed to a rental player.

It's interesting that the Astros were part of a huge, 10-player trade earlier today with the Blue Jays. Apparently the for sale sign is in the window at the Juice Box and Houston is a team with a pitcher -- Wandy Rodriguez -- who is under contract for two more seasons.

He's got a guaranteed season of $13 million on the books for 2013 and an option year at $13 million for 2014. That's not chump change. But if they could get Houston to throw in enough cash to keep their obligation to Rodriguez at the $10 million a year mark, that's on par with what guys like Kyle Lohse and Jake Westbrook command.