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I can't see Ryan Dempster landing with the Cardinals

According to Fox Sports, the Dodgers are out of the bidding for Cubs starter Ryan Dempster, presumably because the price is too high.

Ken Rosenthal says the Wee Bears want to minor league pitchers for Dempster, who will be a free agent at season's end and who has previously stated that he wants to re-sign with Chicago if he is traded. Seems, all things considered, like a pretty steep price to pay.

I doubt there's any way the Cardinals, who have been linked to Dempster, would be able to swing a deal for the veteran hurler.

Demster's price is very high for a short term rental. And I don't see the Cardinals being very excited about the idea of facing two of their young prospects in division games for six or seven years after Dempster has departed St. Louis.

It seems like several of the teams previously said to be interested in Dempster are doing the walk away. The problem is that it's probably not going to fall to the point that the Redbirds will come in play -- because if his price gets that low, other clubs would probably jump back in.

All prospects being equal, the Cubs would probably prefer to deal Depster to a team rather than St. Louis. Cubs fans were going berserk yesterday online with the thought that their team could potentially help the Birds defend their World Series title.

Some suggested (stupidly) that GM Theo Epstein should be fired if he trades with the Cardinals. Nevermind that the Cubs aren't contenders this year and such a deal would only serve to weaken the Redbirds in the future... 

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