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Angels covet Rzepczynski in trade

Cardinals lefty reliever Marc Rzepczynski has drawn interest from the Angels, according to a post by the LA Times.

The St. Louis bullpenner, picked up at the trade deadline a year ago as part of the Colby Rasmus deal that also landed starter Edwin Jackson for the Cardinals, is 1-3 with a 5.06 ERA this season. But he's shown improvement lately. Scrabble hasn't given up a run in his last seven appearances, dropping his ERA over that span by nearly a full point. If not for a bad night against the Pirates June 29, Rzepczynski's scoreless span would have spanned 12 games.

The Cardinals have a surplus of lefties with Barret Browning pitching well after a recent call-up from the minors and Brian Fuentes trying to work his way to St. Louis through the minors. But it's suspicious that the Angles showed no interest in the former Halo Fuentes whom they could have picked up when he was a free agent.

Rzepczynski is eligibile for arbitration for the first time this year, so he is still cheap and controllable. And I believe he has a lot of upside for the cost. A starter until the Blue Jays put him in the bullpen last year, I'd like to see the Cardinals work this winter on grooming Rzepczynski for a rotation job. He may not make the St. Louis club. But I believe his trade value would be greatly enhanced as a starting pitcher. Besides, he seems to lack consistency from the bullpen for whatever reason.

But maybe the Angels would be willing to swap Rzepczynski for Albert Pujols and throw in about $200 million in cash. In that case, maybe the Cardinals would listen.

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