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Rumor Mill: Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee would look awful nice at the head of the Cardinals rotation, according to sports website Bleacher Report.

The site posts that the Redbirds need an ace to replace Chris Carpenter. And all it would take is a package that centered on slugging outfield prospect Oscar Tavares.


You've gotta be kidding me. I can't see the Birds giving up Tavares for anything at this point. And, even if they could get past that barrier, the clubs would have a major problem coming to an agreement on how much of Lee's salary the Phillies would have to pick up.

Lee makes $25 million a year for each of the next three seasons. And he has an option for a fourth year that would pay him about half that about. That's $90 million for three years of a guy who pitches every fifth day. No Thanks.

Philadelphia would have to pay nearly half of that amount to get the Cardinals in the ballpark. And, if they did, the Birds would still have the problem of importing a $25 million a year pitcher onto a team that will soon have to try to re-sign Adam Wainwright.

Besides, pitching isn't the Cardinals' main problem right now. They've got one of the best starting rotations in the NL even without Carpenter and fellow injured starter Jaime Garcia. And then there is the little problem of what happens next season when the Cardinals hopefully get their injured ace back for the final year of his contract?

It's going to be pretty pricey to pay Lee, Carp and Waino at the same time. And if the Cardinals were inclined to pay $25 million a year for a player, I bet they would have spent that cash on a certain power hitting first baseman.

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