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It's time to cut loose Tyler Greene

I'm all for second chances. Even third chances.

But why do the Cardinals continue to hang on to infielder Tyler Greene when it's obvious that there is no future for him on this team?

Greene barely plays at all. His most significant role is as a pinch runner. That's a job that not only is completely unnecessary -- pitcher Joe Kelly has shown that he's probably the best pinch runner on the team -- but that Greene is ill suited for. Sent in to a recent game soley for the purpose of running the bases, he screwed that up by getting picked off.

Greene has been terrible at the plate as evidenced by his .218 batting average and .272 on base percentage. He's been terrible in the field as shown by the easy ground ball that went through his legs Wednesday night with the bases loaded and no one out.

I know major league teams don't like to just give away talent. And the rosters expand in 20 days, so there will be room to keep him around while giving more capable players a chance on the major league bench. But there has to be a major distraction in the clubhouse with players either pitying Greene and trying to help his lost cause -- or players who resent his lack of focus and production ala Brendon Ryan.

Greene is 28 and he's out of options. The experiment is over. Let him go with hopes that maybe a change of scenery will do him some good. And let's make sure that the Cardinals who remain are guys who can do something to help this team try to win.

It makes no sense when Allen Craig and Rafael Furcal are nursing injuries to give up a bench spot to a righty batter who you don't even trust enough to use as a pinch hitter against a lefty hurler.