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Brian Fuentes leaves the Cardinals

Cardinals lefty reliever Brian Fuentes has left the team and has been placed on the restricted list at his request.

Apparently he has some sort of personal issue. Specifics have not been disclosed.

Fuentes remains a member of the Cardinals while on the restricted list. But the team is allowed by major league rules to call up another player to fill his spot on the active roster.

The veteran pitcher's Twitter account, @teetofuentes, has apparently been deactivated. If you punch his name into the social networking site up comes a picture of him smiling in his Cardinals uniform. But if you click on the page it says "@teetofuentes does not exist." Previously Fuentes has used the Twitter account to talk about how excited he was to play for the Redbirds.

Fuentes, had a 9.00 ERA in six appearances with the Cardinals since he was added to the roster at mid season.