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Could Astros turn to Oquendo to be their new manager?

The Astros have fired longtime manager Brad Mills as their massive rebuilding project moves into overdrive.

And that makes me wonder in which direction Houston will turn in its search for a new skipper.

Is this finally the chance Cardinals third base coach Jose Oquendo has been waiting for? Oquendo has interviewed to be the manager of a couple of other teams in the past. And last year head had aspirations of being the Redbirds field boss. But that job eventually went to current skipper Mike Matheny.

Oquendo might make a lot of sense in Houston because he's known as a guy who is great working with young players. And he's an excellent teacher of the way baseball is supposed to be played. So who would be a better choice for a club that is basically starting over from the foundation?

Houston might have trouble finding a higher profile manager because of the devastated condition of it's roster. This is no quick fix and there are no indications that the Astros plan to spend a lot of money on free agents to try to get back into the competitive mix in a rush.

So former Cardinals minor league boss Jeff Luhnow, now the Houston GM, might be wise to give Oquendo a look.

But Oquendo would have to ask himself if this is the best thing for his career. He seems to basically have a lifetime job with the Cardinals. Would it be wise to throw it away for a job where he could be fired for not turning third rate talent into a contender in the next couple of years?

On the other hand, this might be the Secret Weapon's last chance to be the boss...

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