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Colby goes for cornrows

It's nice to know that Colby Rasmus isn't letting his latest slump bring down his inner fashionista.

The former Cardinals outfielder, who has one hit in his last 40 at bats and who has struck out in nine of his last 10 times at the plate - and 18 times in his last eight games -- has apparently decided to celebrate the occasion by going Bo Derek and finding himself a salon that would braid his flowing locks into cornrows.


Rasmus is hitting .232 for the season with 114 whiffs in 453 at bats. He's had meeting with his coaching staff into the wee hours in the morning in which the Blue Jays staff has tried to grasp what -- if anything -- makes Colby tick. Meanwhile, he announces publicly that he doesn't care about being a star. He just wants to be "one of the guys" and presumably get paid millions to be mediocre.

If Rasmus was hitting .300 and wanted to shave his head, I'm sure Blue Jays fans would think he is colorful and fun. But he's wasting his considerably talent because the dude has absolutely zero focus or drive. While he should be concentrating on overcoming his slump, he's worried what his hair looks like?

Does anyone in Cardinals nation miss this pinhead at all? I can't believe the Cardinals good fortune to have dumped Colby and to have been able to find a serious and professional ballplayer like Jon Jay to replace him.

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