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Game 129: Pirates 9, Cardinals 0

Since the Cardinals signed Jake Westbrook to a contract extension he's given up 12 runs on 18 hits in 10 innings pitched.

On Tuesday he was bombed for seven of those runs and 11 of the hits in five innings and the offense was shut down for the second consecutive time it faced Pirates starter James McDonald. The result was a sickening 9-0 loss in Pittsburgh.

Westbrook gave up a run in the first, two in the third and then melted down with four coughed up in the fifth to let the game get completely out of hand.

About the only positive thing Westbrook did the whole night was send a message to Pirates second baseman Josh Harrison who laid a shoulder into St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina's chin on a play at the plate in what the Cardinals obviously thought was a cheap shot. Westbrook hit Harrison in the knee while manager Mike Matheny fumed in the dugout. Pirates Skipper Clint Hurdle then got into a shouting match with the Redbirds bench, specifically chris Carpenter.

Molina had to leave the game with what was later described as a strained back and a strained neck.

In the two games since he signed his new deal with the Birds, Westbrook's season ERA has risen from 3.50 to 3.94.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Molina.

Cardinals Play of the Game: Molina hanging onto the ball when Harrison hit him at the plate.

Lowlight: The Cardinals had four hits on the night. And one of them came from rookie pitcher Brandon Dickson who appeared in relief.

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