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Cardinals call up Bryan Anderson

The Cardinals have called up Class AAA Catcher Bryan Anderson as insurance because of the injury of starting backstop Yadier Molina in a collision at the plate Tuesday night.

Molina hasn't been placed on the disabled list. The Redbirds list him as day-to-day. But the team couldn't afford to be without a game ready catcher tonight in case a Pirates player decides to try to play Knock Your Block Off with second string catcher Tony Cruz.

Anderson probably would have been called up this weekend anyway. The Cardinals tend to add a third catcher when rosters expand to 40 men on Sept. 1 to allow them more flexibility with their substitution of catchers at the plate and on the bases. But since rosters are still at 25, infielder Ryan Jackson had to pay the price and took the shuttle back to Memphis.

The Cardinals also on Wednesday shipped out reliever Brandon Dickson in exchange for fresher pitcher Trevor Rosenthal.

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