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I'm still not sure why the Cardinals called up Shelby Miller

If Chris Carpenter is on the fast track back to the Cardinals rotation -- and unless he has a setback today or tomorrow, it sure seems like he is -- I wonder if it was a mistake for the club to call up top pitching prospect Shelby Miller.

After all, the Cardinals got their best pitching performance in a couple of weeks from the lowest man on their starting rotation totem pole Monday when Joe Kelly beat the Mets at Busch Stadium. So, with the playoffs on the line AND the problem of trying to fit Carpenter into the picture, how are the Birds going to make room for Miller to take at least one turn in the rotation?

If Miller doesn't pitch regularly, what was the point of brining him up?

Throwing a young player a bone when he was passed to the major league by several pitchers of inferior talent seems like a lousy reason to start Miller's free agent clock early? Do we believe if this move lets him become a free agent a year earlier than he might have otherwise -- or two years early if he can't crack the rotation in 2013 -- that he'll remember the Redbirds' kindness when he's looking for a mega contract the first time he hits the open market?


I can see why the Birds would want to pat Miller on the back for his big turnaround that concluded with 10 strong Class AAA starts. But it just seems like the price they could pay for their kindness is too darned high.