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Rookies provide only highlights for Cardinals Saturday

Thank goodness for the Cardinals minor league call-ups. If not for them, fans at their game Saturday night against the Brewers wouldn't have had much to cheer for.

With chances to put important runs on the board, Matt Holliday struck out with a runner on third and one out while Beltran came off the bench with runners at second and third and two out and popped the first pitch he saw up for as easy of an out as a major league team will ever record.

Outfielder Adron Chambers was the star of the game for the Cardinals with a clutch triple that drove in one run and put the Birds in position to score another had Holliday not whiffed. He was 1-for-2 with a walk at the plate.

Fellow call-up Pete Kozma got a hit in his only at-bat in the game.

Starter Jake Westbrook, who I still can't understand why the Redbirds gave him a contract extension, stunk it up -- AGAIN -- with seven hits and four walks allowed in five innings. It was a miracle that he only gave up three runs because the bases were getting ground down to dust with all the spikes he allowed to cross them.

But rookie Sam Freeman pitched a nice, uneventful inning of work to show he has serious potential as a bullpen lefty.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals really needed to win their game, not just get the kids some exposure. They've now lost the Brewers series, which they needed to dominate and saw their grip on the last wildcard spot dwindle to almost nothing.