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Not on This Date in Cardinals History

Albert Pujols hit his 475th career home run Thursday night.

But, instead of tying the great Hall of Famer Stan Musial for the most round-trippers in the history of the legendary St. Louis Cardinals, he simply pulled to within 269 homers of the not so immortal Tim Salmon as the all-time leader of the Los Angeles, California, Anaheim, Los Angeles of Anaheim franchise.

Pujols ranks second to Musial in every respect including homers with 445 to The Man's 475. Of course, Musial would have had a lot more if he wouldn't have missed the entire 1945 season while serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II.

I wonder if Albert spent any time at all wondering last night how things would have been different had he chosen to stay in St. Louis for a mere $210 million instead of making his infamous money grab in the L.A. suburbs for $44 million more.

When the Cardinals arrived home from their current road trip I imagine they'd try to get stan to come to the ballpark and pass the baton of being the most statistically accomplished Cardinals player in history to Pujols. And, as a guy who cares intensely about things like that, I can only believe that it would be a tremendously moving moment for Albert.

Instead he's staring at the tail lights of the Athletics in third place of the American League West and can possibly look forward to a smattering of polite applause from a two-thirds of the way filled house when he cracks his 500th career homer in 2013.