Cheap Seats

This is the Cardinals' last chance to make a stand

If the Cardinals expect to earn a trip to the playoffs, they simply must win seven of their nine upcoming games with the Astros and Cubs.

I know it sounds like a tall order. But the Redbirds put themselves in such a tight spot by losing three games against the lowly Padres and then splitting with the Dodgers. If the Birds won two of three against the Friars, they'd have some room to breathe. But they didn't. So now they need to prove they have the mettle to make the playoffs by beating up on some of the worst teams in baseball

Some people have already told me that they think the Astros are going to be a handful since they just finished beating up on Philadelphia. Well... The Cardinals aren't trying to be the Phillies. They're trying to beat them. So how about doing a little something to demonstrate that they're a better club?

I don't want to hear about Bud Norris or how you can throw out the won-lost records any time the Cubs and Cardinals get together. The Birds painted themselves into this corner. Now they need to slug and pitch their way out.

Any less than a sweep of the Astros in the three-game series that starts tonight will be a total disappointment. Then the Cardinals need to take two out of three in both of the next two series to be in a position to hold off the Dodgers, Phillies, Pirates and Brewers.

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