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Albert doesn't seem to have made a lot of friends in SoCal

Earlier this season we had some fun reading what Angels fans had to say about a struggling Albert Pujols.

Five months later, Pujols is batting .282 with 30 homers and 96 RBIs. So let's take a look at what "fans" have to say about their $254-million man on a story about him staying behind in Kansas City to stay with his wife and newborn daughter as the Angels return to Anaheim:

(From Yahoo)

Kmat  •  49 minutes ago

kid is 3 days old, angels are home, as should his wife and 3 day old kid be. where do they live?

The Mailman  •  1 minute 14 seconds ago
For $240 million, I think where he belongs is at the baseball game.

Builder  •  52 minutes ago
I wouldn't doubt if he would apply for welfare right away too. That's weak you play the game you go to work a baby is a baby who cares. They should deduct pay for that' you don't miss games period . He probably just needed a tax break. I don't support players who give up work for a baby thats just a excuse.

Gorkinox  •  1 hour 51 minutes ago
He must have a lot of daughters because it seems like he skipped the first half of the season. At least he has come on strongish the second half.

Lew Cypher  •  1 hour 40 minutes ago
Ya, with the peanuts they pay these ball players these days I don't see why they shouldn't take the day off for every birth, funeral, birthday, etc...I mean, c'mon, he probably only makes about 200,000 dollars a game, can't expect a guy to actually get out there and play...especially when in a playoff race. And save the comments about how important "family" is...I know all about having to work for minimum wage the day my daughter was born, because it was that or be fired four days before Xmas. Between stuff like this and guys missing plenty of games with all these great new "injuries" like "oblique strain" or "concussion-like syndrome", who says these guys don't earn every penny they make, huh?

HOLLY  •  1 hour 40 minutes ago
this is Holly's husband Bill ...... for $30 M yearly, he doesnt get to miss a game of this importance ...... sorry, the price tag is too high ......

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