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Where the heck did the Reds get that trophy?

Did the Reds make their own trophy?

Photos of their clinching of the National League Central Division title yesterday include members of the club posing with a big trophy in honor of the occasion. Unless I am overlooking something, I can't find anything anyplace on the internet that mentions Major League Baseball commissioning trophies for division champs.

Even with the expansion of the post season, that has always been something that has been reserved for league winners and the World Series champions.

The only other team that has clinched a division title so far is the Giants. And I can't see a trophy in any of that club's celebration photos.

So, the question is, did the Reds pay to have their own trophy made and then present it to themselves?

Because if they did, that would be the biggest bush league move I've heard of in professional sports in quite some time.