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Lance Lynn, NL rookie of the year?

Upon further review: I spoke with my St. Louis Baseball Writers source and, it turns out, Lance Lynn is NOT eligible for the ROY.

In addition to the number of innings pitched, there is a days on the roster component to being eligible. Lynn made his debut June 2 and exceeded the maximum of 45 days allowed.


It seems like he's been around a lot longer than he actually has, probably because of his contributions during the long post season run of 2011. But, as far as I can tell, Lance Lynn is eligible for the rookie of the year balloting in 2012. And he ought to be a pretty strong candidate.

According to the rules, a player is judged to be a rookie if they have less than 50 innings of major league experience. Lynn pitched 34 2/3 innings last year after being called up to in a desperate effort to plug holes in a leaky St. Louis bullpen. He did the job to the tune of a 3.12 ERA with 40 strikeouts compared to 11 walks and earned a significant, late inning role in the playoffs and World Series where he logged another 11 innings with a 3.27 ERA.

Except for a late season lull that was likely caused by fatigue after converting back to starting after his year as a reliever, Lynn has been spectacular this year.

Here's Lynn's resume:

He's 18-7 with a 3.75 ERA. That ties him for fourth in the National League in wins behind Gio Gonzalez (21), R.A. Dickey (20) and Johnny Cueto (19). Those three guys are the prominent names in the Cy Young Award derby.

Lynn ranks seventh in the Senior Circuit in win-loss percentage at .720, he's fourth in strikeouts per nine innings at 9.205. He struck out 2.93 hitters per walk.

Seems like a pretty good case to me. But, apparently, he's not on the radar of many others, either.

Bleacher report has a story that touts Bryce Harper of the Nationals and Todd Frazier of the Reds as the top candidates for ROY honors.

Harper is certainly an exciting player. He's like Rex Hudler with more talent, running around recklessly on the bases and always challenging the defense.

But, that being said, the guy is only hitting .269. He's got 22 homers and 59 RBIs and he's got 120 strikeouts -- almost as many as his 142 hits.

Frazier is hitting .274 with 19 homers and 67 RBIs. He's struck out 103 times in 420 at bats this season.

Those are solid numbers. But they're not as flashy in my book as 18 wins and a strong sub 4.00 ERA.