Cheap Seats

Is the Cardinals season over too soon?

Yeah, I know that the Cardinals have at least one game left in the 2012 season. And it's entirely possible that they could have several left.

Thanks to the new playoff format, however, little is guaranteed and Redbirds rooters can't be certain at this point that they'll get to watch their team in person again this year.

So, it seems very shocking to me that baseball might be over already in St. Louis.

Maybe the 2012 season seemed short because the Cardinals played a month of bonus baseball last season. Maybe it seemed like the year slipped away because Cardinals fans spent so much of the season waiting for things to come together in a way that they never really did. I'm not sure. But I am not ready for it to be over.

Maybe it was because the ridiculously hot summer prevented me from going to several games in person that I would have otherwise attended.

No matter what the reason I feel cheated by the fates of watching one of my favorite players, Lance Berkman, have another good year in the St. Louis summer sun.

I'm glad that another favorite, Chris Carpenter, made it back in time to make three starts. But I'm left to wonder how things might have been different had he undergone the surgery that jump started his career in February instead of July. Might the Cardinals have won a few more games and had a real shot at winning the National League Central Division title instead of landing one of the berths in a hokey one-game wildcard play-off?

And with Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday and Carpenter all a year older, I wonder how much longer this edition of the Redbirds that I have grown to love so much will hold together. Will the club re-sign Adam Wainwright to another deal and keep the band together? Or will 2013 be the long goodbye to another favorite?

Baseball has become a year-round business. I know that I blog every day of the year. But I have grown to loathe thinking about contracts and the money side of the game. I live for the games, the smell of the grass and the crack of the bat.

So, while I would love to see the Cardinals win their 12th championship over the next several weeks, mostly I hope they beat Atlanta Friday because I would simply like to go to a few more ballgames.