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NLDS game four live blog

B9 - Lance Lynn comes into the game and faces Jayson Werth. On the 13th pitch of the at-bat Werth homes and the Cardinals lose. How so many pitches could have been balls when Jim Joyce was calling everything he could see a strike is beyond me.

T9 - David Freese, a fellow some know for his post season dramatics, led off the ninth inning by running the count full -- and then he went fishing on a shoulder high fastball. Daniel Descalo struck out on a similar pitch. Pete Kozma draws a walk. Daniel Descalso pops a ball behind third and Ian Desmond makes a circus catch.

B8 - Mitchell Boggs gets Ian Desmond for the first out with a grounder to shortstop and then Dan Espinoza with a high fly ball to right field. Kurt Suzuki reaches when he was hit by a full count pitch. Pinch hitter Chad Tracy skipped the rope over a low and inside pitch and then he strikes out a pitch in the dirt.

T8 - The Cardinals need to score now with the heart of the order coming up in the eighth. They might not get another chance. Carlos Beltran hit a monster ball about 25 feet foul with two strikes then strikes out to start the frame. He got way out in front of a change-up over the outside part of the plate. Matt Holliday struck out on three called strikes that weren't in the same area code as the plate. Craig walks on a high and away pitch that Stevie Wonder couldn't have called a ball. Yadier Molina pulls a long ball foul and then strikes out on a high pitch to keep the score tied at one.

TB7 - Ryan Zimmerman rolls a ball back to Kyle Lohse who throws to first for the out. Adam LaRoche draws a walk as Kyle Lohse apparently doesn't want to take any chances with the only guy who has hurt him all day. Michael Morse is induced to hit into an inning-ending 5-4-3 double play. The Cardinals must score now if they expect to win this game. Can't go into a sudden death tie with the Nationals.

T7 - Pete Kozma is greeted by Jordan Zimmerman and strikes out. Kyle Lohse, who has thrown 77 pitches to this point, bats for himself and he strikes out, too. Jon Jay is called out on a pitch six inches outside.

B6 - Lohse gets a fly out on a pinch hitter to start the sixth, ending the day for Ross Detwiler. Jayson Werth strikes out for the second out. Jon Jay takes charge of a popup from Bryce Harper to end the sixth with the score still tied at one.

T6 - Matt Holliday grounded out on a close play to make the first out of the sixth. Allen Craig singled to the right of Ian Desmond at short. Yadier Molina hit a double play ball that pulled Dan Espinoza off the second base bag to only get the runner at first. The Nationals walk David Freese and Daniel Descalso grounds out to end the inning.

B5 - Ian Desmond hit a hard liner to the left centerfield gap to start the bottom of the fifth. But Matt Holliday was able to run it down for the Cardinals to record a loud first out. Dan Espinoza made an even louder out with a fly ball to the warning track in right field. To make things fair, Kurt Suzuki hit a high fly ball to centerfield to end the inning.

T5 - Pete Kozma for the second time does a great job working the count to draw a lead-off walk. Kyle Lohse failed to get the sacrifice accomplished and Kozma is forced at second base. Jon Jay struck out swining for the second out. Carlos Beltran grounded out to third to end the Cardinals fifth.

B4 - Lohse gets ahead of Bryce Harper with offspeed stuff and then gets him to pop out in foul territory to David Freese. Ryan Zimmerman gets a hit on a hanging breaking ball and puts a runner on base in front of Ryan LaRoche, Washington's best power source. Lohse get LaRoche to pop out to third and Michael Morse strikes out to end the inning.

T4 - Allen Craig lines a ball over Dan Espinoza for a lead-off single. Yadier Molina stung a ball about three feet lower to short for a line out. Freese popped a 2-1 pitch (that should have been a 3-0 pitch) to second base. Descalso grounds out to end the inning with Craig never moving off first base.

B3 - Kurt Suzuki, who was hit by the barrel of Jon Jay's shattered bat in the top half of the inning, led off with a groundout to second base. Ross Detwiler struck out for the second out. Jayson Werth lined out to short to end the inning. 1-1 after three.

T3 - Pete Kozma came back from a 1-2 count to run it full and eventually draw a walk. The Cardinals haven't had a lot of baserunners to this point. But they're working the counts and making Washington's starter throw a lot of pitches. Kyle Lohse successfully bunted Kozma to second. Jon Jay hit a ball to the right of Ian Desmond and the Nats shortstop can't make the play to put Cardinals at first and third with one out and Carlos Beltran at the plate. A long fly ball scores Kozma to tie the game and a terrible throw by Bryce Harper lets Jay get into scoring position at second base. Matt Holliday struck out looking on a full count after taking a step toward first to end the inning with the score tied at one.

B2 - Adam LaRoche took a close pitch that appeared to be strike three that filled the count instead. After fouling off a couple of pitches -- including a long ball with home run distance that curved just right of the foul pole down the first base line. He straightened it out and took a pitch over the CF wall. Michael Morse grounded out to first base for the first out. Ian Desmond lined out hard to third base. Dan Espinoza struck out looking as Lohse regains his composure and settles down. The 1-0 Nationals lead is their second of the series. 

T2 - Allen Craig took a might hack but flew out to left field for the first out of the second inning. Yadier Molina hit a sharp one-hopper to second base for the second. David Freese worked the count and then collected the first hit of the game -- an opposite field single. Daniel Descalso worked the count full and fouled off several pitches after that before grounding out weakly to second.

B1 - Kyle Lohse has got the Nationals hitters jumping. He got Jayson Werth to pop up for shortstop for the first out and then did the same to Bryce Harper for the second. Ryan Zimmerman struck out looking for the third out. No score after one inning.

T1 - The Cardinals came out hacking with Jon Jay fouling off a couple of tough pitches before grounding out to shortstop. Carlos Beltran took two balls and then popped up a ball to shortstop. Beltran is usually better batting lefty. But he's got two homes already this series against lefties. Matt Holliday hits a comebacker to the pitcher to end the top of the first.

The Cardinals are trying to finish off the Nationals in a series they lead 2-1. Check back here early and often for the latest on the progress of the game.

Kyle Lohse, winner of the wildcard playoff game and 16 regular season games will face Ross Detwiler, 10-8 with a 3.40 ERA. Detwiler lasted only 2 2/3 innings in a September Start against St. Louis with seven runs allowed.