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MLB announces plans if Wednesday game is rained out

Anticipating bad weather for the third game of the National League Championship Series tonight at Busch Stadium, Major League Baseball has announced plans for if the game is rained out.

If the game three can't be played Wednesday, it will be pushed back to Thursday. People with tickets for game four on Thursday would then use them on Friday and game five ticket holders would use them Saturday instead of Friday.

The decision was a departure from past policy. In 2006, game three of the World Series was rained out. So games four and five were played as scheduled and game three was actually played after four and five.

In 2006 MLB said the move was made to limit the amount of disruption for fans who had planned to expensive post season games on specific days. So it is curious as to why things have been changed this time around.

I just hope that the contingency plans are not needed and that game three will be played Wednesday as scheduled.