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Finishing the NLCS tonight would be best for baseball

Not only do I hope that the Cardinals can end the National League Championship Series against the Giants tonight for the sake of my own stress level, it would be nice to see it happen for the better of all of baseball.


Because much was made in 2006 of the fact that the Cardinals went seven games with the Mets and were able to stay sharp while the Tigers cooled their heels after an easy ALCS win and got rusty. If the Cardinals can win in five games and not have to travel back to San Francicso the National League's entrant in the World Series would be on a similar footing with Detroit.

If the teams go back to California and have a drawn out series, we're going to see that scenario repeat itself regardless of if the Redbirds prevail or if the Giants are able to mount a similar comeback to the one that they managed against Cincinnati.

It might be better for the Cardinals in some ways to see the NLCS go six or seven games. But I think it would be better for the fans to see the two teams be able to reset their starting rotations and potentially see Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright do battle twice against Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer.